No problem can be solved from the same level of consiousness that created it.
If you can dream it, you must do it!
Don't believe everything you think!
Imagine the possibilities!
Be willing to put it all on the line for your dream
Get bitter or get better!
You can't cross a sea by merely staring into the water.
Start now!...Just do it!

"He was there along the way and every time with the correct questions and challenges... I strongly believe that everything I learned from Gregory and our coaching will help me and follow me from now on in every step I make forward".

Sandra, Athens

"The empathy and challenge of the coach over several sessions, with continuing themes, helped me see patterns irrespective of the details.  I was able to gain perspective and think more broadly and focus less on the minutae. My coach’s ability to stick with me and move me on each session is a testimony to his professionalism".

Kathy, Kenya

"Greg is an awesome coach because he is direct and straightforward. He tells it as he sees it, well in our coaching session; it’s more like he hears it. He shares great amount of experience and gives me the opportunity to share as well. He is a good active listener and have very accurate ability to analyze people’s emotions by their tone or by the things they say".

Winson, Malaysia

"Gregory has been a "no-nonsense" force for me. First of all, he really heard what I had to say. He was present, patient with my continuous talk, confident and extremely supportive and understanding. His feedback was fantastic. He has great intuition and that led to great powerful questions and he was always hitting the right buttons. I admired the fact that he was always available for me. I really admire him for being the great coach that he is and I am very confident that a lot of people will benefit from his coaching".

Eliza, Athens

"I very much appreciated my coach Gregory for his great compassion and understanding, for his objectivity as well as his deep insights. He had a great balance of perspectives and it’s an amazing trait. I was made aware of taking full responsibility for my actions/choices. Yet his amazing wisdom secured my sometimes wavering questions about life and its challenges. I also enjoyed Gregory’s sense of humour. Thank you for your share in the coaching learning process, Gregory. We keep on keeping on!"

Junaline, Oman

"Gregory is such an inspirational coach. I will always remember his question: What is stopping you right now from achieving your goal? I use that all the time now. He showed extreme support, and he understood exactly what my situation is and where I stood. His feedback every session gave me the courage to carry on. He is very trustworthy and understanding. Thanks for everything, Gregor".

Hala, Qatar

"Some people take the easy road to achieve something, while taking the 'road less travelled' takes more guts. The result might be the same, but there is so much more gain in the second choice. I am certain that Gregory belongs in the second category. He has guts".

George, Athens